Aeropac by Siegenia. Noisless air

Buildings require from air ventilation. Even, standards and regulations make mandatory to renovate air. Nevertheless, finding an efficient and convenient system is difficult. Aeropac is a nice solution that won’t bother you while sleeping or working.


Some houses and buildings have small holes which allow ventilation. On the other hand, other buildings are absolutely tight and it’s really difficult to find a good solution to indoor air renovation. Moreover, a good air quality is very important to reach good levels of concentration, humidity confort, etc.

Aeropac, a small wall air ventilation manufactured by Siegenia, fits most of those requirements. Its most remarkable characteristic is that it’s noisless. It has up to three filters that ensure a good air quality preventing from the entrance of pollutants, pollen or dust. Its LCD screen will tell you when you have to change the filters.

Besides, it’s really easy to install as you can watch in the next video:

We encourage you to visit Siegenia website and know more about Aeropac.

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