AEX-LF smoke ventilators. Aeraspirators

Aeraspirators is a Spanish company specialized in smoke ventilators. Today, we want to focus on AEX-LF. A blade system prepared to be installed in any kind of roof.

aeraspirators aex-lf

It can start working depending on the requirements of the building. There are four temperature limits that make AEX-LF open to evacuate exhaust air and smoke: 68º C, 72º C, 93º C, 140º C. Its design makes easy to install it in any roof regardless of its slope. It has a socket that helps to achieve this.

Moreover, it can be connected to a fire alarm system to open when necessary. It is made of galvanized steel, stainless steel, lacquered RAL, socket with thermal acoustic insulation and blades with translucent polycarbonate cell.

You can find more information in Aeraspirators website.

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