Algae canopy to produce oxygen

Do you imagine how a forest of algae could look like? And how beneficial would it be for our health? Well, forget about imagining and take a look at a realĀ one. EcoLogicStudio has developed a prototype that can be visited in Milano. Afterwards, a great Urban Algae Canopy will be built for the Expo 2015 in Milano.


The algae system

The system produces a vast amount of oxygen (the canopy in the Expo is expected to produce the equivalent to 4 hectares). A fluid with microalgae organisms is pumped up through a two layer EFTE. Then, algae produce a nice game of shadows becoming green (when it’s sunny), energy in the form of biomass and amazing visual effects.

The full canopy installation will interact with people. The speed of pumps will change as people walks throught the canopy.

Here you can watch a video of the prototype already available:

We encourage you to visit EcoLogicStudio website and take a look at this amazing proposal.

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