Arantzazu Basilica: HVAC analysis

Some of the collaborators of this blog have written an interesting article about the HVAC services in the Basilica of Arantzazu in Oñati, Spain. Widely studied in terms of design and architecture, now the researchers have worked to know its HVAC systems.

ArantzazuThanks to the vast amount of information and documents available about the project, the research work has been carried out well properly. Heating, ventilation and acoustic studios were developed during the design phase of the project. These documents have been preserved correctly.

Built in 1469, Arantzazu has been reconstructed several times. In 1952, the project included an air conditioning system divided in two different parts: the nave and the choirs.

You can read the full article version and know a bit more about Arantzazu in the next link.

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