August. Complete smart lock

We have talked several times about smart locks in this blog. Maybe, we should do an State-of-the-Art post with all the possibilities available. One of the most common devices of the Internet of Things (IoT) are security gadgets. People is really aware about the importance of having a sure house. And it looks like inventors and manufacturers are too. From noisy alarms to smart locks, the variety of products is outstanding. Today, we want to talk about August. A complete smart lock with more than a lock.

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August. Enough products to have a smart access

Smart locks are getting more and more common nowadays. We have already talked about OLA, Kevo and Monkey. However, all those smart locks were just a lock. Today, we want to introduce a system with more than a lock. With August, you will have all the home access possibilities required.

August Smart Lock

Different to other smart locks, it is installed indoors. It means that no uncivilized person will be able to break it. Accessing your home will be a nice experience. As you get home, it will unlock on its own. When you leave, it locks again. Moreover, as many other systems, you can have a detailed list of people that have get your home. One of the most interesting and uncommon features is that it is compatible with Apple HomeKit. Finally, you can also allow your friends entering your home if you are away.

August Doorbell Cam and Smart Keypad

Do you remember Monkey? Well, here is its competitor. If the postman gets home and nobody is there, don’t worry. You will watch on your smartphone who is in front of your door and will be able to let him in. It is equiped with an HD camera that will record every single call.

But if the person who gets home is a friend or a relative, the smart keypad can be helpful. It is a well designed keypad that will allow you stablishing multiple codes for different users. Of course, you can also get a detailed list of people who have entered into your home.

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August Connect

Finally, but not less important, Connect. It is a small device that you just need to plug in. You can control your whole house from anywhere. Be sure that you have locked your house correctly or unlock it when some friend is getting home.

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We encourage you to visit August website and know a bit more about this amazing smart lock system.

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