Automatic: switching your home heating on with your car?

Automatic has developed a system to make us feel more comfortable when we get home. Thanks to it, you will never else have that feeling of entering into an igloo when you come back from a long day in the office. Turning on your heating when you are on your way to home is now possible with Automatic and a Nest thermostat.


It is a small piece to be installed in your car. Nowadays it is only available in the US and for gasoline cars (neither diesel, nor electric ones), but we are looking forward to seeing it elsewhere. Its use is very simple. Once Automatic is installed, it will start learning how long you need to go back home. Then, it will be able to send a signal to your Nest thermostat to switch on your heating in order to have a good temperature by the time you get home.

This is just one of its features. Also, it will help you to drive in a more efficient way, get help if you have a crash, remember where you have parked or know what that light in your car means.

Source: Automatic

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