Automist by Plumis. Bye, bye sprinklers

Automist is a highly innovative sprinkler system for homes. It is well designed as well as easy to integrate within your home. Made by Plumis, it allows you to feel safer without making a big effort.


Sprinklers help to put out fires. A cloud of water drops covers the room in order to extinguish the fire or, at least, not allow it to get bigger. Your room may get wet, but you will not lose all your documents and pieces of furniture.

Automist can be installed under your tap. In combination with a fire or smoke detector, it will start working when a fire is detected creating a cloud of water. It uses less water than regular sprinklers. Therefore, your room will be less damaged.

Automist is mainly thought to be installed in kitchens where fires usually take place. But it can also be placed in other rooms with a tank to supply high pressured water.

You can find more information at Plumis website.


  1. Keith Marsden

    Really neat system. I don’t think it will completely replace sprinklers but looks ideal for a domestic setting, particular when retrofit as traditional sprinklers can be quite expensive to fit in older properties.

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