Awair. Knowing air quality

Some time ago, we published a long post with multiple devices to measure and know the air quality around you. As we said then, air quality is becoming a very important issue in buildings and homes. This kind of devices may help us to ventilate when necessary or be aware of pollutants in our house. Awair joins this list with great skills that make it another good option to check how is the air.


What does Awair do?

Awair allows you to know the next information from air: temperature, humidity, CO2, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dust (PM2.5). That’s most of the data that other similar devices can tell us. Only smoke and CO are missed (more typical in smoke detectors). It has also an ambient light sensor included. We suppose that it’s to know when sun sets and rises.

Well, Awair seems to be like other similar air quality detectors. Then, what makes it different from others? Among its different functions, we can find a very interesting one that allow us to select the ‘mode’ in which we want Awair to work. Let’s explain this better. We have up to six different options: allergy, productivity, beauty, wellness, pregnancy and sleep. Selecting one of those modes, Awair will monitor the air quality characteristics and will learn from your habits. Afterwards, it will tell you some recommendations to improve air quality regarding your mode purpose. A tiny LED will let you know also if the air is very polluted or not by changing its colour (green OK, yellow regular and red bad).


Moreover, it can collaborate with other smart devices in your home: thermostats, humidifiers, filters, air purifiers and fans. Awair is compatible with iOS 7.0 or higher and Android 4.0 or higher. Its app has a very good appearance and the graphics and recommendations seem to be really useful.

Awair costs 149$ (one device) and will be shipped by early Fall 2015. We encourage you to visit its website and take a look at it.


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