Axis Gear. Monitorize window shades

Window shades were one of the first parts of our home that became smart. We could say that the smart home started with the monitorizing of lights and shades. Then, we couldn’t imagine that the Internet of Things (IoT) was going to grow up so much in so few years. Today, we bring a device to control windows shades. Not one of those obsolete first smart devices. But a great solution. Let’s talk about Axis Gear.

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Axis Gear. Make use of window shades as you want

The most important and amazing feature of Axis Gear is that you won’t need to change your shades. Forget about doing a great effort and getting dirty your living room. Axis Gear is just a small device that makes use of your current shades. Thus, the installation is so simple. It can be summed up as follows:

  1. Install the provided mounting bracket on to the window frame.
  2. Attach the beaded chain or cord loop from your window treatment onto Gear.
  3. Snap Gear onto the mounting bracket.

Axis Gear can be controlled with your smartphone wherever you are. Of course, it can be also used as a usual shade. Just with a tactil and intuitive panel you can control the position of your shades.

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Axis Gear batteries

One of the very first thoughts that came to our mind when we saw Axis Gear was batteries. Maybe, because it’s the main problem of many IoT devices. However, Axis has provided a great solution.¬†Gear comes equipped with an external power module that consists of a premium solar panel paired with replaceable AA batteries for optimal longevity. Moreover, it has a backup LiPo battery inside Gear. Don’t worry about battery then, it is a solved problem.

Axis Gear compatibility

Finally, we want to talk briefly about one of the most amazing points of Axis Gear: compatibility. IoT devices need to be connected one to each other to be really smart. Axis Gear is compatible with several protocols and devices. But we want to remark the importance of being compatible with Nest and Fitbit. Nest, because it will help us to have an energy efficient house making use of solar radiation. Fitbit, because sunlight will wake up us in ther morning instead of that noisy alarm clock.

Axis Gear is now looking for funding in Indiegogo. You can also visit their website to know a bit more about this promising device.

How many IoT devices do you have at home? Is shades controller one of them? Tell us!

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