Beacon for minimalist design by Daisalux

Beaconing systems are a lot of times strange and awful dots in our buildings. They aren’t well installed and their designs and lighting levels are not good. Daisalux brings a beacon to give us a solution to all these problems.

Beacon Daisalux Clavo

‘Clavo’ is small cylinder made in stainless steel and a polycarbonate diffuser. There are two different models. The one in the photo for soft materials (wood, plaster) and another one for hard materials (stone, brick, etc.). They are provided with a 1.5m cable to connect to the energy current.

Beacons are highly useful in evacuations and emergency situations. They can help users to watch easily the way they must take to go out of the building.

You can find more information in Daisalux website.

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