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Smartphones, tablets, e-readers, headphones… Nowadays, thousands of common devices that we use on a daily basis, need to be charged. We have different options to charge our gadgets: connecting to the computer, to a regular socket, a portable battery, etc. Many of these devices bring separately the plug adapter and the USB cable. In this way, it’s easier to connect to our computer using the same cable. But, why don’t use a USB connection in the wall to charge our devices? BG electrical has thought about it and developed a nice solution.

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BG electrical USB

With three different ranges (white moulded, nexus flatplate and nexus metal) and ten different finishes, the socket has two USB connections and two regular ones for UK sockets. In a USB connection, the amperage supplied must be above 1A to provide enough current and don’t make too long the charge time. BG electrical socket can provide up to 2.1A. It’s similar to the current a charger for tablets supplies.

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It’s a good idea to start installing this kind of sockets at our homes or in hotels. The amount of devices that will require of energy is expected to increase. Therefore, this kind of solutions can be great as no adapters will be needed. This could avoid overheating problems in chargers. Moreover, a USB is much smaller than an adapter. Thus, just forget about any problems with plugs that block free sockets because of its big size.

You can take a look at BG electrical USB socket in its website.


  1. abena

    we need waterproof sockets in double do you have this please??

    1. Javier Bermejo (Post author)

      Hi there! Thank you for getting in touch with us. However, we are really sorry, but we are not distributors of this kind of products.
      Please, visit the manufacturer website (BG electrical) to find more help:


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