BIG steam ring generator

Could citizens be aware of the amount of CO2 that is being thrown to the atmosphere? Well, it’s an ‘abstract’ data. But BIG, a danish architectural firm, has thought that it’s possible. Forget about loud and terrific alarms or lighting spectacles. A simple and stylish steam ring is the solution for this issue.

BIG steam tower

BIG steam ring generator

Built in Copenhagen, when a ton of CO2 is burned in the plant, a steam ring will be released into the sky. In collaboration with Peter Madsen’s Rumlaboratorium and the Danish Technical University, the solution will allow citizens to know the pollution produced by the power plant.

The solution is unique and two previous prototypes have been already tested with great results. Nowadays, they are looking for funding in a Kickstarter campaign (although they have already reached their goal). If everything goes well, the final unit will be built by August 2017 in a Waste to Power plant in Copenhagen.

As you can watch in the following video, the results are amazing. The solution throws big steam rings into the sky that are visible from far, far away.

We encourage you to visit the Kickstarter campaign and collaborate if you think the idea is great!

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