BIM. Do you need it?

BIM (Building Information Modeling), has become one of the most important tools for architects and engineers. It allows them to have a more structured and planned project avoiding hundreds of unexpected problems. But, how to work with BIM?

BIM solibri

Here we have two interesting websites that can help you to know a bit more about BIM.

BIM World 2015

A big event to know the state-of-the-art of BIM. It was held the 25th and the 26th of May. A lot of expositions explained how to implement BIM in projects in order to achieve great models. With these models, it is much easier to get a lot of information about the project: budgets, building management, etc. You can also get plans, sections or 3D views as well.

You can find more information in their website.


Solibri won’t help you to make your model. But it will assist you in one of the most difficult issues: check if everything is ok within your building. Avoid pipes from overlapping or becoming crossed. Check that you meet all the standards and regulations required. Take a look for all those extinguishers properly placed in your building. Do you have a special requirement? Don’t worry. Tell Solibri and it will be also checked.

You can find more information in Solibri website.

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    Nice blog site created. I have read the above details about history of BIM architectural services that you have described in your blog. An unknown person can understood when visiting to your blog.


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