BIM Object Libraries

Many companies are offering their products as BIMobjects, due to the rise of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction sector.  Along with this, different Standard BIMobjects qualifications are appearing, providing minimum information requirements to BIMobjects. Downloadable BIMobjects can reduce time and budget during the project.
We analyze the main BIMlibraries, comparing them through their contents in building services BIMobjects.

The BIMobject library is the result of the work by numerous companies around the world. The constantly updated platform offers free BIMmodels of the latest commercial products and materials. BIMobject is a link between the designer and manufacturer, covering the largest list of manufactures comparing with other libraries.
Most files are downloadable for Revit and ArchiCAD, although we can find many of them only for Revit. Manufacturers receive data downloads, so they can adapt their products to demand.
The online library interface is very simple and easy to handle. It is available in several languages. Also, it is possible to install a plugin for Revit or ArchiCAD.


Autodesk Seek
Autodesk BIM library is conceived for Revit users. It is one of the most prominent BIM-libraries, especially in terms of Building Services. The library is fully integrated with Revit MEP, offering lots of BIM editable objects.
Autodesk produces most of the BIMobjects in the library, so there are less commercial products than other platforms. The navigation interface is very simple and offers a plugin for a faster access from Revit.

Autodesk Seek

More BIM libraries…

NBS NationalBIMLibrary
The NBS National BIM library is linked to the British construction consultancy NBS. The library provides BIMobjects of real commercial products, as well as standard construction elements with edition possibilities.
BIMobjects have a guaranteed quality by NBS BIM Object Standard it certifies that the information and objects meet minimum information requirements. BIMobjects can be downloaded in a variety of formats: Ifc, Archicad, Revit, etc.
Through a very detailed table of contents it is possible to look for what you need. NBS National BIM Library plugin is available for ArchiCAD and Revit.

All BIMobjects offered by the library are commercial products, covering a wide range of leading construction and building services companies. Registration is required to use the service.
SpecifiedBy connects manufacturers and designers through different tools. Its long-term aim is to offer the best BIMobject for a particular project, regardless of its brand and reputation. It is a leading BIM-library supported by important companies as Arup, Aedas or Aecom.

SmartBIM is a simple and less updated BIM library than its competitors. It is interesting what it offers in terms of building services products.
BIMobjects are downloadable only for Revit. There is little presence of commercial construction elements. Even so, you can download standard BIMobjects with interesting custom possibilities.

Building services through BIMlibraries

We have made a comparison of the different libraries, through the references they offer in terms of building services.

 HVACFire safetyLightingElectricalElectricalPlumbing & Piping
Autodesk Seek1808734378445064030
Smart Bim10126369231041688
Object Bim236724331112422
NBS National Bim Library116444292245621



  1. Jason Myer

    Technology has provided us with the tools we need. It us humans that needs to keep it true when building structures and not go with the shortcuts to the job done.

    Great work on the article. Will surely use these resources in my future clients..

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