Biogas could cover 6.5% in Spain

Natural gas is use all over the world. Nevertheless, limited places are suitable to obtain it. Furthermore, long underground ducts are required to conduct it. Biogas can be a solution to reduce ducts length. Moreover, it is obtained from waste sources. That means, it is a renewable source of energy. But, how much biogas can be produced?

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Biogas production in Spain

The source to produce biogas can be really varied. From human, crops or animal waste, biogas can be used not only for houses. Also cars can make use of biogas as a fuel. The production is based on an anaerobic digestion of wastes. In a chamber or container with really low oxygen content, methane is generated. As you may know, natural gas is mainly made of methane (usually between 90% and 95%). Thus, this process is suitable to produce biogas.

Since March, three conferences carried out by Gas Natural (the main gas company in Spain) have shown the importance ans suitability of biogas production in Spain. According to the information provided in those meetings, the production of biogas could cover up to 6.5% of the consumption of natural gas in Spain. Or what is the same, up to 20,000 GWh.

Furthermore, two study cases were presented. The first one, Valdemingomez, injected 67,076 GWh during the last year. The other one, Gongora dump (in Navarra), is under development and no data is still available. This second case is very special as the possibility of extracting biogas from a dump is being analyzed.

Source: EnergĂ­as-renovables


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