Bioluminescent plants as future lighting

Lighting is one of the main responsibles for electricity consumption in cities. Everybody has its house with many lamps. Of course, public lighting is an outstanding consumer of electricity. How could we reduce the electricity bill? How could lighting collaborate to reduce energy consumption? This time, we want to talk about biomimicry as a solution. Bioluminescent plants can be a future solution for lighting. Let’s see some of its features.

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Bioluminescent glowing plants

Bioluminescence has been a widely researched topic in biology. In 1986, the first glowing plant was created. Then, the addition of firefly luciferine was enough to obtain a plant that glowed. However, it wasn’t able to light up for too long. Afterwards, the development of a bacteria that glowed by itself was achieved. More and more research into bioluminescent plants was made.

Finally, a project called Glowing Plants was developed. Thanks to DNA modification, researchers were able to obtain glowing plants. They are bright enough to read and could even be used in cities. They have an illuminance of 5,000 to 10,000 lux that can be useful for bike lanes or decorative purposes.

Nowadays, if you want to collaborate with this amazing project, you can pre-order some glowing plants. You can get an Arabidopsis plant or even a glowing rose. If you want to cultivate your own palnts, you can buy some seeds. And if you want to make a deeper research, you can get a DIY kit with a vial of glowing plant DNA, Arabidopsis seeds, nutrient solutions, pre-poured LB plates, etc.

We really encourage you to visit Glowing Plant website and take a look at the possibilities that this amazing project has. And of course, collaborate with them with a glowing plant. It could have been a great present for Christmas ;)

Source: Xataka, Glowing Plant

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