Biomival. Electricity from the sea

We have talked many times about the great source of fresh ideas that Nature is. Its applications are endless for common problems. Today, we bring another outstanding case of innovation based on Nature and developed by Biomival. The use of renewable energies needs to be increased. Wave energy is one options. And red flamingo has a great solution to make it more efficient.

Biomival flamingo

Biomival. Biomimicry learning

Biomival is a small company that looks for inspiration in Nature. The case that we want to talk about today, is based on the red flamingo’s beak. And, in some way, also in mussels. In collaboration with the University Politecnica de Valencia, the University of Texas and the University of Salamanca, a great project was developed by Biomival.

The challenge was designing a bidirectional turbine that made use of wave energy. The main problem of these turbines, is that waves go from one way to the other constantly. Thus, a turbine that rotated only in one direction was required.

The main inspiration for this challenge was the red flamingo. The morphology of his beak seemed to be a good option as it’s used by flamingo as a pump to move a lot of water. Furthermore, a continuing with the research, Biomival realized that mussesls had a very similar shape.

Biomival has been awarded by the Foundation InnDEA Valencia with 18,000 €. They expect to build a real scale model in three months time. Meanwhile, we encourage you to visit Biomival website and take a look at their amazing work (sorry, it’s only available in Spanish).

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