C21e by Solarcentury. Solar tiles

Phovoltaic panels are really common nowadays. Well, they are in new buildings. They are really difficult to be find in retrofitting solutions. C21e is an amazing solar tile that is suitable for any situation thanks to its really integrative design.

c21e solar

C21e solar tile

C21e is an easy-to-install solution. As you can watch in the following video, the connection among the panels is simple and very quick.

The final appearance is great. People won’t realize that you have a photovoltaic installation in your roof. Its thin design allows to look like a regular tile of your roof.

C21e family has three different units: solar slate, solar plain tile and solar roof tile.

Solar calculator

Furthermore, Solarcentury has developed and amazing calculator to know the maximum power that your roof can provide and the time required for payback of the inital investment. It’s a pitty that it isn’t available all over the world, but it can help us know an approximative data.

We encourage you to visit Solarcentury website and know more about the C21e family and all the products available.

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