Carbon Footprint Calculator

Have you ever mind or imagine which is your carbon footprint? The University of California in Berkeley, yes. They have developed an easy and useful app to estimate your carbon footprint depending on different factors.

Carbon footprint

You can know your carbon footprint in general. Just telling your city of residence, how many people live with you and the total incomes in your house, you will get a general and quick calculation. Obviously, it is a estimation based on mean values extracted from mean consumptions.

But if you want to know more precisely your carbon footprint due to travelling, housing, food and shopping you can as well! For transportation, you need to know the amount of miles that you do. How many in your vehicle, public transport and plane every year. Moreover, you will need the gasoline consumption of your car.

As for housing, your housing area, electricity consumption, sources of energy, etc. It also will take into consideration your water consumption. Regarding food, you will have to know the calories of the products you eat: meat, fish, eggs, fruits & vegetables, snacks, etc.

Finally, shopping will require you to introduce goods and services costs that you have every month.

With all that information, you will get a calculation of your real carbon footprint and some pieces of advice to reduce it.

You can find all the information in the Coolclimate Carbon Footrpint Calculator.

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