Casas em Movimento. A sunflower house

Yesterday we talked about photovoltaics. And today, we’re going to do it again. While yesterday we analyzed the area requirements for its installation, today, we want to show you another problematic issue related to photovoltaics: its efficiency. Not only its maximum efficiency as we have talked before in other posts (how to improve it being inspired by clams, making invisible wires and so on), but also its efficiency during one day. Regular solar facilities have one unique orientation that makes them lose a big amount of energy. Casas em Movimento is an astonishing project that wants to make use of solar energy in a more efficient way.

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Let’s catch more Sun. Let’s build Casas em Movimento.

Solar panels might lose most of its efficiency due to bad orientation. Even if they are oriented properly, whether they can’t move, they’ll be losing valuable sunrays. Sun tracking systems are great solutions to improve the efficiency of a solar facility. The main drawbacks of those systems are that they rely on mobile parts that can break down and that the tracking installation consumes part of the energy (but don’t forget about the overall efficiency enhancement).

Despite these slight disadvantages, following the Sun like a sunflower can be a great solution. Casas em Movimento tries to look like a one. Thanks to a great volume of solar panels that tiltes and the building that rotates, it can track the Sun. According to the authors of the project, Casas em Movimento can generate up to 25,000kWh per year. The electrical consumption of the tracking system is only 131.4kWh per year (0.36kWh per day).

But, can the roof be controlled? Yes, of course. If you want to take a look at those amazing views from your living room, you can tilt the whole installation thanks to a mobile interface. Moreover, it can protect you from sun radiation in summer while catching the maximum radiation from Sun.

Casas em Movimento has been built in collaboration with the University of Porto. Furthermore, they have different projects in their website that we highly recommend that you take a look at.

Source: Gizmag

Would you like to live in a house like Casas en Movimento? Do you rely on solar tracking systems? Tell us!

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