Classe 100. A hands-free monitor

Door stations aren’t usually taken into account when doing a house. It is a small installation that don’t require to be thought for a long time. Designers just have to choose the desired model and that’s all. Nevertheless, there are nicer models than others. And today we bring an example of a good one: Classe 100 V12E. It’s a video door station manufactured by Tegui.


Classe 100 V12E characteristics

The main characteristics of Classe 100 V12E are:

4.3″ LCD colour screen

4 push bottons with selectionable functions

Voice volume, brightness and contrast regulation

17.1 x 17.1 cm

It is available to be installed on surface or recessed. It can be titling if you want. Moreover, you can add a regular telephone to Classe 100 V12E. Or be installed like a desktop phone. All this options make it really customizable.

Here you can see a nice video about Classe 100 product family:

If you want more information you can visit Tegui official website.

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