CleanLine and other Geberit products

Geberit new shower channel and more products have been unveiled. With great stylish designs, they are once again innovative products for the bathroom. Made of high quality materials, they are great solutions for showers and toilets.


CleanLine shower channel

Really stylish and very easy to clean. CleanLine drain is removable. Therefore, you can take it and clean it up. It is really easy to install and can be fixed to the desired distance when it is being installed. CleanLine has a brushed stainless steel finish.


Floor drain

A great compact solution. With only 80x80mm it’s much smaller than any other similar drain. Also with a brushed stainless steel finish, its aspect is amazing.

Floor drain

Remote flush actuations type 10 and type 01

These pneumatic flush actuations can be placed whenever you want within a distance of 2m to the toilet. It doesn’t require electricity to work. It’s available in a great variety of colours and finishes.


AquaClean Mera

This high technology toilet includes WhirlSpray patented technology by Geberit. It has two nozzles that provide a great and pleasant cleaning. The airflow provided to dry change its temperature as the skin is dried.

aqua clean

Sanitary flush

It guards water effectively avoiding the generation of germs. Furthermore, it can be easy operated with your smartphone.

sanitary flush

We encourage you to visit Geberit website and take a look at all these products.

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