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In case of fire you just want to get out of the building as quickly as possible. While you are finding your dangerous way to the exit, you may encounter some hazards: smoke, flames, building components or materials falling down, etc. To prevent people from being harmed, it is really important to achieve proper building compartmentalization. This can be achieved by installing fire resistant walls or doors. However, because of design requirements, we can find some big, open spaces where no fixed compartmentalization can be achieved. For those cases, fire curtains can be a great solution. Today, we want to talk about Colt fire curtains. They can last longer than one hour and don’t need electricity to work properly.

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Automatic fire curtains from Colt

Fire curtains are a good solution for those rooms larger internal spaces, such as museums, exhibition halls and so on. We have already talked in this blog about fire curtains mainly designed for underground evacuations. But, today we want to show you a good example of automatic curtains manufactured by Colt.

Colt fire curtains are certified to resist up to 60, 120 or 180 minutes depending on the curtain chosen. Moreover, the 120 and 180 solutions have also an EW-30 class, what means that the fabric only re-radiates a limited amount of heat. This is a useful characteristic, as this reduces the risk of a fire being transferred to other spaces.

One of the most interesting and promising features of these curtains is that they can work without power. In case of fire, it is a common situation that electricity is not available. Therefore, this ‘gravity fail-safe’ system is a great solution.

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For any kind of floors

Do you have an uneven floor? Don’t worry. Colt has thought about it and has provided different bottom bar solutions: ID (industrial) specially designed for uneven floors in industrial areas, U (universal) for completely flat floors and UK (universal with spring) for commercial areas with uneven floors.

We highly recommend that you visit the Colt website and take a look at these nice fire curtains.

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