Comet-ME. Sustainable rural life

Many people have had to leave their homes because of war. Many of them are living in the desert. Most of the basic necessities can’t be covered there. Comet-ME, a NGO, has developed a system to produce electricity and clean water in those conditions. Although they would like to go back home, at least, they can live in a more convinient way.

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Comet-ME. Bringing facilities to difficult sites

As we have previously mentioned, the main aim of Comet-ME is bringing electricity and water to complex locations. The main points and goals of the NGO can be found in their website as follows:

  • To provide green energy and clean water services to off-grid communities in a way that is both environmentally and socially sustainable
  • To empower marginalized communities
  • To overcome barriers of hostility through joint work of Israelis and Palestinians on the ground

The main difference and value of their proposal in comparison with other NGOs is that Comet-ME has focused on renewable energies to achieve it. Bearing in mind that people live in caves and basic homes, the improvement and development of energy generation is crucial.

Thanks to these enhancements poverty is reduced. Families can produce more butter (their main revenues source) and don’t have to spend money on¬†gasoline or diesel. Children can study longer when it’s dark thanks to electricity. Furthermore, these enhancements improve inhabitants’ health. They don’t have to use dangerous kerosene lamps, they can store food and medicines in a safer way, etc.

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Data analysis with Comet-ME

In their website, you can find a huge amount of information. You can find great annual reports, research articles, etc. One of the most interesting parts for us is the monitoring system of the energy they are generating. You can find the wind speed in turbines, the power generated, etc.

We really encourage you to visit Comet-ME website to learn more about these solutions. They are designed for extreme climates and situations, but could be exported to other places.


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