Coolearth. Inflated solar concentrator

Solar energy keeps evolving. New materials, new configurations, etc. However, solar energy isn’t as efficient as we would like it to be. Coolearth, a company specialized in solar energy, has developed a new solution. Inventive and with promising results. Based on an inflated structure, the new solar concentrator can provide an easier and cost-effective product.


Coolearth. Solar panels innovation

Current solar panels need expensive and heavy materials. Moreover, the efficiency of the systems is not really high nowadays. The proposal of Coolearth is made of light and common materials.

The solar concententrator is made of plastic film, similar to that used for packaging. When inflated, the solution concentrates sunrays in the focal point, where a photovoltaic cell is placed. Thus, less photovoltaic cells (which are really expensive) are required.

The inflated structure is rigid enough to support one person’s weight. It is also aerodynamically stable, even to high speed winds. Finally, the plastic film protects the PV cells from rain, snow, dust and other external factors. A small pump is included to maintain the pressure within the concentrator.

According to Coolearth, a light structure is necessary to maintain the inflated solar concentrator attached to the floor. In combination with a solar tracker, the systems makes use of minimal materials and has a small footprint.

Although it isn’t currently available for roof installation, Coolearth expects to develop a solution for it. Meanwhile, we encourage you to visit Coolearth website and keep up with the last news available.


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