CorPOWER: making use of waves energy

Dr. Stig Lundbäck has made research into heart pump for more than 30 years. He has even developed several patents inspired by his research work. CorPOWER is a company founded by himself that tries to make use of seawaves power working in a similar way that of heart pump.


Nowadays, Iberdrola is supporting CorPOWER to develop a prototype by 2016. Besides, a final version is expected to be available by 2018.

Waves power is supposed to be able to generate from 10% to 20% energy necessities from all over the world. Nevertheless, this resource is unefficient and really expensive currently. The project HiWave is looking for new ways of making lighter and cost-effective marine buoys. In this way, wave energy could be as efficient as other renewable sources.

You can find more information in CorPOWER website.

Source: ElMundo

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