Daikin BRC1E52: an stylish remote controller

Today, we bring a new analysis of a product. This time, it is a Daikin BRC1E52 remote controller. Simple, stylish and well built. It looks like a traditional controller. But its fine design makes it much nicer than older ones.


In the next two photos you can see the different features and work options of the BRC1E52. Its intuitive design and buttons make it easy to use and you don’t need to be checking your instructions paper every five minutes to turn up your room temperature. It is prepared for both cooling and heating, and you can control several other features like fan speed, flow direction, etc.


The kind of buttons installed are really nice and you can push them with absolute confidence.┬áThe feeling is good and they don’t make strange noises when pushing. The transparent glass-like finish is really good, and not less important, easy to clean.


More information: Daikin

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