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As you know, last Friday we were in the presentation of Daikin VRV new products: Indoor and Mini. Indoor is a┬ápromising solution to diminish the surface of grids on facades. Mini is a small heat pump to be installed outdoors. Let’s see which are the main features of these brand-new products.

Daikin VRV indoor building services blog

Daikin VRV Indoor. Conquering the retail sector.

One of the most common problems in retail sector is the placement of external heat pumps. It’s difficult to obtain the permission of the neighbours to place it on the roof. Neither it’s easy to fulfil the standards and regulations of the city to place them in the facade. Moreover, they are really ugly and not aesthetic at all.

Daikin VRV indoor_V_building services blog

Daikin has recognized that problem. The solution they propose is Daikin VRV Indoor. The main difference of this unit is that it’s divided into two elements: one compressor and one condenser. As Daikin told in the presentation, these are the main characteristics of the system:

  • Invisible. It can’t be seen from the street. Only two small grids appear in the facade that can be easily integrated in the whole design. Both the condenser and compressor are installed indoors. The condenser can be installed in a false ceiling. It’s only 40cm high. Thus, no space is required in the shop. The compressor, is a small machine, similar to a dishwasher (60x55cm) and can be placed ‘wherever’ you want. The maximum distance between the condenser and the compressor is 30m horizontally and 10m vertically. Enough for regular retail shops.
  • Intuitive. The battery of the condenser is unique. A V-shaped battery that has a better performance and efficiency. Furthermore, the condenser is installed next to the facade. Therefore, no ducts are required and it produces much less noise (only 47 dbA).
  • Smart. Daikin VRV Indoor can be useful for any kind of building. Not only for retail sector. Also it could be suitable for apartments, offices, etc.

Daikin VRV indoor compressor building services blog

Daikin VRV Mini. A typical solution with minimal impact.

The second product presented on Friday was the Daikin VRV Mini. Maybe it isn’t as innovative and inventive as the Daikin VRV Indoor, but it can also be useful. It looks like a typical heat pump. And it is. But it’s only 82cm high. One of the smallest heat pumps available and hardly invisible from the street.. It has horizontal airflow. The furthest unit can be installed 150m far from the Daikin VRV Mini, fulfilling the necessities of any building. Finally, it has a maximum power of 12CV.

Both Daikin VRV Indoor and Mini have the characteristics of other VRV solutions. That means, Variable Refrigerant Temperature, wide range of indoor units, individual control and extensive piping lengths.

We really encourage you to keep up with the last news and products of Daikin.

Source of photos: E-ficiencia

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