Daimler batteries for home

Some weeks ago, Tesla unveiled its home batteries. Powerwall was the first big pack of batteries with a nice integration at home. Today, we bring a new option to this unexplored category of facilities. Daimler, originally focused on electric vehicles, has unvelied a new pack of batteries to use at home.


Daimler home batteries

In partnership with Mercedes-Benz, Daimler first development in the field of batteries, was made for electric vehicles. They tested those batteries in really extreme situations: really hot and cold ones (which are the most damaging situations for batteries). After several years of testing and development, Daimler has now unveiled the new products for home use.

Based on Lithium-Ion technology, two different models are available. One thought for private use (2.5 kWh) and one for industrial use (5.9 kWh). Nevertheless, if those quantities aren’t enought for your necessities, you can scale its capacity up by linking several units at the same time (8 in the case of private use).

If you are interested in Daimler batteries, you can book your unit in August. Its shipment will start in autumn.

Source: Daimler news


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