Data centers design by Rittal

Data centers are becoming one of the most important type of buildings nowadays. They store millions of files that are very important for us. Also, they allow to access quickly to loads of information and can make easier our life. Therefore, we could say that data centers¬†are a relevant part of our life (although we aren’t always aware of it). But what about they design? Let’s see and amazing website to make it properly.

data centers rittal

Data centers by Rittal

Rittal, a specialized company in IT, has designed a nice website to choose the necessary elements for data centers. Divided in five different sections, all the required products for data centers are categorized. Each section has a vast variety of products for different configurations and requirements of the installation.

The five categories enclose the most important elements in data centers: cooling, racks, power, security and monitoring. Maintaining a good temperature in data centers is crucial for its correct function. Racks are required to store the big amount of machines needed. A correct power solution that can supply energy to all the installation and solve any unexpected situation (short circuit, electrical failure, etc.). Security solutions to detect and extinguish fire and to extract smoke. And finally, a monitor system that can record and control the whole installation automatically.

We encourage you to visit Rittal website and know a bit more about data centers.

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