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Designing and drawing an electrical plan isn’t easy. The vast amount of connections and cables required in an installation makes it difficult to draw it properly. Even the best electrical engineer may make a mistake. DesignSpark Electrical is a great software that wants to make easier this task. Furthermore, it’s free. Interesting eh? Let’s see what else it brings.

designspark electrical

DesignSpark Electrical

It’s developed by RS Components, the main supplier of electronic devices and services all over the world. Moreover, it’s supported by Schneider Electric, one of the main companies of energy and automation supplies.

DesignSpark Electrical allows to design the whole installation of a building. It isn’t a problem if it’s too complex. You can design control panels, electrical systems or machinery. Using it, designers will reduce the time required to make the plans. Besides, they will make less mistakes and, therefore, will save money.

DesignSpark Electrical is completely free. You won’t have to pay for an unreasonable amount of money for a license.

The most interesting characteristic of DesignSpark Electrical is the great library of products included. With more than 250,000 items (80,000 from Schneider Electric), you will be able to design whatever you want. Furthermore, smart functionalities will check that your design is ok. If you need a budget summary of your design, you can easily obtain it and, if necessary, make the order to buy it.

DesignSpark is a great group of tools. We really encourage you to visit their website and take a look at all the options available.


  1. Fastel Ectrical

    I m new here.i was looking for this list in google but didn’t anythink worth trying.Fortunately i visited this Blog and find what i wanted.Thanks for sharing it.

    1. instetsaun

      Thank you for visiting our blog! We are happy that you found it useful. Keep visiting us and finding helpful posts.

  2. Roger King

    An electrical plan can be easily designed & drawn using CADsoftware. This softwares are of great benefits as the make a lot of task easier. Free software with lot of features what else is needed.Thanks for the post.


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