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Smart homes (and buildings) keep growing and growing as you know. Sensors, detectors, actuators and so on, are becoming common elements in buildings. But we need some central installation to control all those devices. The solution we want to bring you today is called Desigo Total Room Automation (Desigo TRA) and it has been developed by Siemens Building Technologies. It will be unveiled in the next Light+Building fair in Frankfurt (13-16th March). But let’s analyse briefly its possibilities and main features today.

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Desigo TRA. One device to control your smart building

The most common elements to automatize in a house are blinds, lighting and HVAC equipment. However, these facilities may have really different requirements depending on the type of building where they are placed. That’s why Siemens has developed two different models: DXR2 is a simple and easy to install system with preprogrammed applications for simple buildings. On the other hand, PXC3 is a modular room automation station for more complex buildings.

Some of the features and possibilities that Desigo TRA offers to users are control of heating, activation of air volume controllers, adjustment of blinds depending on the angle of the sun or regulation of indoor luminaires to maintain a constant amount of light during the day.

New characteristics like ‘annual shading correction’ simulates the incidence of sunlight during the whole year have been included. This helps to achieve a better daylight utilization that in turn means a better energy efficiency and comfort. Users will be able to manage all the facilities from room operator units with a touch display. Besides, they will also be able to send instructions from a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Finally, RoomOptiControl detects unnecessary energy consumptions and represents it in the display switching a leaf from green to red. With a simple push, the system goes back to energy-optimized mode to save energy. You can watch a more detailed explanation in the video above.

Keep an eye on Light+Building for more information about these new solutions. Meanwhile, you can explore Siemens website to know a bit more about Desigo TRA.

Source: Siemens

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