Dorma. Fire safety products

Fire safety products provide extra safety in buildings. It makes surer to evacuate a building in a fire drill or in a real fire. But most of the elements that conform fire safety are unnoticeable. Therefore, many people have never realized that they’re there. Dorma is a manufacturer of door elements: locks, access controls, door operators, etc. Fire safety products are also available to be installed in door controls.


Dorma fire safety

Dorma fire safety products are focused on door control. To be placed nearby a door, they are mainly push buttons, locks or electromechanical closing hardware. There are also some small products to integrate the system in automation networks based on LON technology. Moreover, a nice software to have a better control over the full installation and to be able to find technical problems or failures.

We encourage you to visit Dorma website and take a look at these products.

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