EAGLESolar. Should I install photovoltaics?

You may remember that amazing project developed by Google and called Sunroof. Its main aim was to check if a solar roof was suitable for your house. But it had a major problem. It was only available for USA. Today, we want to talk about a great project called EAGLESolar that will bring this functionality to more countries. Is your home suited for installing solar panels? How much energy will you be able to produce? All these questions will be answered by EAGLESolar.

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EAGLESolar. What can I obtain from the Sun?

Developed by the Karlsruhe Institue and other European partners, the project takes into consideration the location of your home as well as other local conditions. But, what makes it different from Sunroof? The accuracy obtained in the tests has never been reached before.

The process to obtain so precise models starts with high-resolution aerial photos or laser scanning data of various cities in Europe. Those photos are used afterwards to generate three-dimensional maps, similar to Google ones, but with a higher resolution of up to 10cm or better. Thanks to that unbelievable precision, researchers were able to develop an algorithm to calculate the potential suitability of roof areas for the installation of solar facilities.

To make those calculations, several inputs such as the area available, the inclination and the orientation are taken into account. But also the shadows produced by close buildings, trees or chimneys are considered. As you know, shadows vary during the year constantly. Therefore, an annual analysis is required.

As you can see, it is a vast amount of information. To cope with it, researchers used supercomputers to process all the data:

Processing these data volumes with conventional computers simply is not time- or cost-efficient. Together with our project partners, including supercomputing centers, we redesigned workflows to obtain effective results by parallel computing.

As a result of this European project, EAGLESolar is a website where you can find useful information about solar energy, the project itself, solar companies or getting assesment on your roof. We really encourage you to visit the website and take a look at this great tool.

Source: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

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