EcoBlade. Scalable storage by Schneider

Electricity storage is still a big challenge. Renewable energies need batteries to store the energy produced. However, they aren’t still enough developed. The space required is big for the amount of energy stored. Moreover, one of the most common problems is that the capacity of batteries can’t be increased. Schneider has developed a new battery that can be scaled up by necessities. Its name is EcoBlade. Let’s see some of its features.

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EcoBlade, a different battery

We have already talked about batteries in this blog. You may remember the great hype created around Tesla’s model, or a different solution inspired by furniture developed by Orison. Both of them were great solutions. Nevertheless, they had a problem: scalability. What would happen if you decide to install extra solar panels at home? Maybe, some energy produced won’t be stored and will be unused.

Schneider has developed a new solution to solve this problem. EcoBlade is made of individual units of Li-ion batteries. Each unit weights under 25kg and is similar to a 30-inch screen. It is not only suitable for homes, but also for bigger necessities such as big office buildings or even data centers and substations. Each blade can store up to 5kWh. If you need more electricity, don’t worry, put another blade and the system will be scaled up. In the next video you can watch how EcoBlade looks in reality:

Of course, EcoBlade is a smart system. It makes use of Struxurewear software to manage the electricity production. This software helps to collect and manage weather and operational data to optimize the production of electricity.

EcoBlade is not still available. It will be in 2016. Although we don’t know exactly the prize for each blade, Schneider says that the cost for each kWh capacity will be lower than US$500, a good start. We recommend you to visit EcoBlade website to keep up with the latest news.


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