EcoDataCenter: Environmentally friendly in Sweden

Data centers are usually big buildings with high requirements for energy and ventilation. Nevertheless, this “problem” can be a solution for near neighbourhoods that use a lot of energy to heat their homes. That is what EcoDataCenter is trying to achieve in Sweden.


Sited in Falun, EcoDataCenter will take energy from the local energy grid. This energy is 100% from renewable sources such as water, wind or solar. Moreover, it will make use of its excess heat and energy to provide electricity and create a district heating system.

In summer, with higher temperatures, the steam produced will be used to power machines. And a flowering plant will help to cool down the environment. These solutions can even make a negative carbon footprint effect.

The project has been developed by Falu Energi, Vatten and EcoDC AB. Moreover, Schneider Electric has developed energy efficient solutions.

You can find more information in EcoDataCenter website.

Source: Gizmag.

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