Eero: WiFi everywhere

Eero is a small device that allows you to have a good WiFi connection at home. It does not matter how big your home is. Just get enough devices to cover your home area (two or three for regular houses) and forget about low signal levels or problems streaming your favorite film.


It is very easy to install. You will just need about 1 minute to set it up. Plug your first eero in your modem and download the official eero app. Once it is connected, your app will recognize it automatically and you will be able to set up a name and a password for your network. All the extra eero devices that you install, will just need to be plugged in a regular outlet.

Eero will help you to forget about resetting your modem because it will check up if your network is fine from time to time and will be updated on its own in order to improve its reliability. Moreover, if you have some guests, you will be able to allow them connect to your network just by touching a bottom on your mobile phone. Besides, if someone is connected for the first time to your network, eero will warn you making your network much safer. Finally, it has both WiFi and Bluetooth connection to work, the two most important protocols used in smart homes nowadays.

You can read more about eero in its website.

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