Elephant door. A simple alarm system

Smart alarm systems are becoming really common. We have already talked about security devices in this blog. Today, we want to share with you a quite different alarms system. Forget about regular security equipment. Elephant door is an inventive device to keep your house safe. Extremely easy to install and suitable for any home. Let’s meet Elephant door and some of its features.

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Elephant door characteristics

First of all, let’s see which are the most interesting features of this amazing device: intelligent, with a mobile app, quick & simple, sleek & stylish and loud.


As many other products that are unveiled nowadays, this alarm system is intelligent. It can detect if somebody is trying to enter into your home before they actually happen. It makes use of an accelerometer, a gyroscope and microphone. In combination with powerful algorithms, it will send you a notification to your mobile phone if something goes wrong.

Mobile app

Of course, you will have your smartphone app to receive all the notifications. If anybody is trying to enter your home, you will be able to call the police, call a neighbour or disconnect the alarm.

building services blog elephant door 01Quick & simple

The installation is extremely simple. You just have to attach Elephant door to your main entrance. Download the app, and that’s all.

Sleek & stylish

Its appearance is great. A rounded black model that can fit perfectly into modern houses. Furthermore, they are thinking about making also a white model.


If the burglar keeps trying to enter, a really loud alarm (100 dB) will ring. We don’t believe that anybody will want to enter your home with such a noisy alarm.

We do believe that Elephant door is a great option for houses. It isn’t as expensive as other alarm solutions. Moreover, you can control and receive notification wherever you are to arm or disarm the alarm. This will be helpful if some relative or friend is going to visit your home while you are away. Furthermoe, it isn’t as intrusive as a camera that records everything.

It makes use of a LiPo battery that you can charge with a microUSB. To send the notifications, you won’t need a WiFi connection. Elephant door has a 3G connection what makes it really autonomous.

Elephant door is currently looking for funding in Kickstarter. If you are interested in a new alarm system, this may be a great opportunity. Also you can visit the official Elephant Door website.

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