Emergency system by JUNG. All-in-one for emergencies

Today, we bring a new product analysis. This time, it is an emergency system for toilets manufactured by JUNG. Meanly installed in public buildings such as hospitals or public bathrooms. We all have seen some of them. But, maybe we have never known how they work.


When you open the box, you finde 5 small boxes. One for the power supply, one for the visual signal, one for the reset button, one for the pull cord push-button and another one for the decorative hubs. In the next image you can see that they are connected with cables. We have installed them to check how the emergency system works. Do not think that those cables are included in the package.


When we extract every element from their box, we find a standard plastic product. Its finish is a bit glossy. The reset button is matt green and the signal is made of some transparent plastic. The installation in a real site would be very simple. We just need to connect the power supply to the electrical current. Then, connect it with the signal element. Finally, both the reset button and the pull cord push button to the signal box.

JUNG_emergency_03 JUNG_emergency_04

The signal can be programmed to remark an emergency situation in four ways: permanent light with sound, permanent light without sound, blinking light with sound and blinking light without sound. In order to achieve these different settings, the cables must be installed in different positions within the signal element.

The way of working is really simple. The user must pull the cord if and emergency happens. Then, the signal will switch on with light and sound (depending on its configuration). Afterwards, the nurser will assist the user and switch off the signal by pressing the stop button. Simple, but life saving.

You can find more information and instructions in JUNG official website.

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