Factory Microgrid and Einstein: two amazing european projects

Two outstanding projects are being carried out at this moment in terms of energy saving. One to improve mobility in an industrial environment using renewable energies and the other one to decrease the energy consumption due to heating and hot water in buildings.


Factory Microgrid is implemented in Jofemar, a Spanish company basedĀ Peralta (Navarra). It is planned to install wind turbines up to 100 kW and photovoltaic pannels up to 40 kW. Moreover, the electric cars that are drivenĀ for the mobility inside the factory will use ZnBr batteries and several charging points as well as a fast charge one will be installed.

Einstein project is being carried out by numerous companies. They are doing research into the possibilities of energy saving in residential buildings within the combination of seasonal thermal energy storage (STES) and heat pumps. One prototype has been built in Poland and a real case is taking place in a residential building in Spain.

You can find more information about this two projects in their official webistes: Factory Microgrid and Einstein.

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