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HVAC facilities are the most space-demanding services in architecture. Ducts, boilers, air diffusers, fans, etc. They are elements that can change the appearance of a room. Besides, we must bear in mind maintenance requirements (changing filters, cleaning ducts, etc.) that make compulsory to provide some extra space to easily reach those facilities. And, of course, it is really important to have a great energy efficiency in your building with the aid of HVAC equipment. Today, we want to show you three nice cases about HVAC: a modular chimney, some nice fans and a great solution for ‘floor air’.

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Modular chimney by Jeremias

We have already talked about Jeremias in this blog. It is one of the main manufacturers of chimneys all over the world. Chimneys make easy to extract exhaust gases from buildings. They are usually extremely hot gases and it is really important to extract them properly to avoid dangerous situations for building users.

The amazing study case that we want to show from Jeremias was built in the University of Glasgow. It is a modular chimney that encloses 6 different ducts. They are encased in a bespoke elliptical windshield. The chimney was made of 8 sections that were craned into position and bolted together. You can here find more information and a nice video:

Essence fans by Bigass Fans

Sometimes we may think that a fan is a useless item as it only moves air from one place to another one. However, fans can be helpful to achieve a great comfort level without using too much resources. Of course they can’t control or vary temperature. But they provide a nice feeling of smooth air running around you.

Essence is a family of big fans manufactured by Bigass. They range from 2.4m to 4.2m diameter. They are noisless, providing an extra characteristic regarding comfort. They can be installed in a great variety of buildings such as theatres, offices or commercial areas. You can know a bit more about them here.

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Vaillo + Irigaray HVAC study case

A good design in HVAC is as important as its efficiency. How to achieve a nice final design in a building integrating building services? How to not disturb users with uncomfortable airflows?

We want to talk about a nice case made for a restaurant. The main requirement was to have a wooden ceiling without any extra element. Therefore, HVAC equipment had to be placed on the floor. It meant that ducts had to be underground. The solution is, simply, amazing. We love the plan with all the structures required and the final result. We really encourage you to visit Vaillo & Irigaray’s website with all the photos available.

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