Farming lighting by Philips

Indoor and controlled crop growing can be a helpful tool for urban environments. Philips has designed a LED lighting system for indoor farming. Nowadays, the system is being tested in Eindhoven. With the results obtained, new pilot sites could be placed to know the performance of the solution.


LED farming

The GrowWise Center, as it’s called, is a 234 m2 facility. The main aim, is to optimize growth recipes for leafy vegetables, strawberries and herbs. As mentioned before, this project is designed to make possible farming in cities. Towns have hundreds of buildings but really few open areas. Therefore, to limit and reduce the mobility cots of regular farming, indoor farming can be a good solution.

Our aim is to develop the technology that makes it possible to grow tasty, healthy and sustainable food virtually anywhere. The research we are undertaking will enable local food production on a global scale, reducing waste, limiting food miles and using practically no land or water,” said Gus van der Feltz, Philips Global Director of City Farming.

In the next video, you can watch some information about the project and its main reasons to become true:

The research center is absolutely closed. Neither natural light, nor outdoor air. This makes possible to have a controlled environment and achieves tastier and healthier products without requiring pesticides.

The LED technology implemented has three different colours: white, blue and far red. They are highly efficient LEDs and produce less heat.

We encourage you to visit Philips website to know more about this inventive farming system.

Source: Philips, Gizmag

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