Festo. Biomimicry robots

Festo is a company that manufactures and develops thousands of solutions for the automation industry. Moreover, they are also focused on future techonogies. Recently, Festo has unveiled some nice bionical robots. From ants to chameleon tongues, they make use of biomimicry as a source of fresh ideas.


The first amazing case are some nice bionical ants. Its design is outstanding. But we really believe that the most impressive feature is how they behave. Ants (the natural ones) are widely known because of its social organization. They collaborate together to carry out difficult tasks. Well, Festo ants behave in a similar way being able to move an object among several units. You can watch a nice video here:

The second example from Festo are some nice butterflies. They also have collaborative behaviour but in a different way to that of ants. In this case, they will collaborate to not collapse when they are flying. This is possible thanks to a GPS sensor and infrarred cameras. They will make you feel astonished as its way of flying is really similar to natural butterflies. Here is the video:

Finally, the third bionic example is a nice product inspired by the chameleon tongue. FlexShareGripper¬†is useful to move objects from one place to another one. This could be implemented in manufacturing companies where thousands of pieces must be moved from one place to another one. Festo’s chameleon tongue¬†makes use of a silicon cap that allows to collect more than one object at the same time. You can watch its video here:

Once again, biomimicry is shown as a good source for fresh ideas and innovative solutions. This bionic animals and its technology can be really useful for industry.

If you want to find more information about this unbelievable products, you can visit Festo’s website.

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