A fire burned a 40,000 squared metres Campofrio factory

Last November, a fire burned a Campofrio factory in Burgos (Spain). The main hypothesis of its cause is a short circuit. The fire grew up quickly due to the materials of the building and a bad design in terms of sectorisation.


The firefigthers could not control the fire when they arrived. They achieved that an ammonia tank was not burned, avoiding that very toxic flumes were released into the air.

The Campofrio factory was built with polyurethane, a good thermal isolator, but very flammable material. All the façades and the roof of the building were isolated with this product.

Moreover, there were not fire compartimentalization in the building. This fact helped the fire to pass from a place to another one very quickly and avoid that the firefighters could control the fire easily.

Source: Ineltec

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