Flare by BuddyGuard. Keep us safe!

Do you want to keep your house safe? And are you fed up with alarms that don’t work properly? Then, Flare is what you need. It’s time to have a smart protection at home that really works. Let’s see this amazing product.


First of all, a small explanation: don’t expect the old elk to protect you. Then, let’s focus on the nice eye which is close to it. That’s Flare. It looks really simple but it’s full of outstanding and useful sensors to keep your house safe.

Flare hardware

The main sensor and characteristics of Flare are:

HD Camera

Motion detector


Temperature sensor




3G module


Battery slot

Flare will make decisions on its own thanks to its intelligent system. It will know when you are getting home thanks to the GPS sensor of your smartphone. Flare will also recognise you when you go into home and will send a signal to your smartphone if it doesn’t recognise the person who has entered.

Moreover, to ensure your privacy it will deactivate automatically when it knows that you are home. Don’t worry, your home won’t be a Big Brother stage.

In adittion to these amazing characteristics, its accelerometer will detect if somebody is trying to manipulate it.

Flare is currently in Kickstarter looking for funding. Here you can watch a video explaining its facial recognition function:

We encourage to visit BuddyGuard website and the Kickstarter campaign.


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