FlexCharger: charging multiple devices at a time

Nowadays, we have a lot of devices that need to be plugged in everyday. That fact has made connecting our mobile phone, laptop or tablet a routine. FlexCharger tries to make this ‘homework’ easier.


Thanks to FlexCharger, you can connect up to five different devices at a time: smartphones, tablets, laptops, etc. Don’t worry if you are an iPhone or iPad owner. FlexCharger is also compatible with it thanks to pin adapters.

There are different models available depending on your necessities. The basic one has one doct connector (2.1A), one retractable tray of 2m long (2.1A), one tray cable of 10cm long (2.1A) and one USB 3.0 (2.1A).

The second model includes all the connections of the basic one and adds a Wireless charging station. This last feature is only compatible with Qi protocol which is the most common one.

Finally, the third model has the same characteristics and connections of the previous one and includes a Wireless repeater for our WiFi signal.

Moreover, if you love travelling all over the world, you can carry your FlexCharger with you. You will just need to change the power adapter included in the package.

FlexCharger is looking for funding in Indiegogo. Currently, they have already exceed their objective. But you can still collaborate and get a FlexCharger at a more attractive price.

You can find more information in FlexCharger official website.

Source: Gizmag

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