FLUID. Smart water meter

Our homes are becoming smarter each day. The amount of connected devices increases everyday. We can easily know and control the temperature of our home, like Nest does. We can also switch on and off any light with Switchmate, control all our devices with only one with Nuimo or keep an eye at home when we are away with Flare. But we needed something to learn and know more about our water. FLUID is the expected solution that will let us be aware of our water consumption.


FLUID. Learning about your water habits

One of the first positive aspects of FLUID is that no special installation is required. No plumber, no sophisticated tools. Just like a plug&play device, you can attach it to the main pipe of water and let it work. Well, you also need to connect it to your WiFi connection to receive all the data.

To help FLUID learn about your habits, you can press the button ‘Signature’. Are you going to do the laundry? Press ‘Signature’ in your mobile app when you switch on the washing machine. Are you going to irrigate¬†your garden? Press ‘Signature’ when you start. Thanks to this simple action, FLUID will be able to make recommendations to you based on your consumption. It will also be able to recognize when you use your washing machine or any other household appliance.

Say goodbye to leaks

One of the most dangerous things of water at home are leaks. It’s true that they aren’t common, but when they happen, it’s like a nightmare. Water can be really damaging at home. You can loose a lot of valuable documents or need a new oven because water has¬†damaged it. With FLUID, that won’t happen again. It will send you a message to your mobile phone to let you know that something is going wrong at home. It may be that you have forgotten your toilet running. Or much worse, an actual leak in a pipe.

FLUID pays off in any case. You will become more aware of your water consumption and will help you to save money. Moreover, it will be compatible with other smart devices such as Nest or SmartThings. FLUID is now on a Kickstarter campaing having already reached his goal. You can also visit their website.

Do you think FLUID is an amazing device? Would you use it at your home? Tell us!

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