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The Internet of Things keeps growing and growing up. The amount of devices released into the market is endless. And the experts promise that it will be increased continuously during the next years. Lighting is one of the most interesting fields of work. The customization possibilities that smart connections allow are amazing. Today, we want to talk about a great new lamp: FLUXO. Although there are many smart lamps available, we might say that this is even smarter.

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FLUXO. Customization. Customization. Customization.

If we have to choose one word to define FLUXO, it would be customization. Other smart lamps available can change its colour or wake you up with a smooth light that becomes brighter mimicking a sunrise. Of course you can also program them to switch on and off to simulate that you are at home.


However, many times you need other type of light. It is really different to read a book than to watch a film or have a snack with some friends. When you are reading a book, you need direct light that allows you watching clearly the text. If you decide to watch a film, you will want to have a dim light. Finally, if you are with some friends or relatives, you may want to have a customized scene with some colour or effects. How could we create so many scenarios with an only lamp? FLUXO is the answer.

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What makes FLUXO so unique is the great amount of possibilities that it offers. You can direct the light wherever you want. If you need a direct light to a specific point, do it. If you prefer to have an indirect light in a more relaxed appearance, do it. Thanks to the app developed for FLUXO, you will be able to create as many scenarios. Of course you can ‘paint’ your room with light and colour.

FLUXO is based on LED technology. It is a pendant lamp that can provide up to 2800 lm, similar to a 200W incandescent bulb. The LED duration is stimated about 60,000 hours (10 years) of use. It is extremely easy to install and you can use it with an iPhone 5 or newer or Android smartphone with BLE.

FLUXO is now looking for funding on Kickstarter. We encourage you to take a look also at their website to keep up with the latest news available. Without any doubt, we can say that FLUXO is different to other smart solutions.

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