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Smart home and the Internet of Things (IoT) have greatly developed during the last few years. Thanks to them, controlling our home blinds or lights from wherever we are, is becoming a common task nowadays. The main technology and responsible for this amazing development is KNX. A communication protocol that makes really easy to design a connected smart home. ABB, one of the most important manufacturers of control equipment, has developed free@home. A complete system to have a smart home.

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Free@home based on KNX

Different communication protocols are available to set up your smart home. You can find ZigBee, X10, Z-Wave, etc. The two most important and remarkable are LonWorks and KNX. While LonWorks is more common in USA, KNX has ‘won the competition’ in Europe becoming the most used protocol for smart homes.

A KNX installation is based on a BUS cable that connects all the elements of your smarthome. The main advantage of KNX is that it is an open standard. That means that you can use products from different manufacturers in your system. Furthermore, it can be easily scalable just by connecting the new items to the BUS.

Blinds, lights, air conditioning and so on. Free@home is the solution

The installation of Free@home by ABB is extremely easy. We could sum up the necessary elements of the installation as follows: 2-wire bus line, a system access point, a power supply, sensors and actuators. Thanks to the system access point, you can connect with your smart home system with your PC, tablet or smartphone from whenever you are.

Regarding the wiring, you can do it in almost any order: series connection, star connection or tree structure. The kind of connection will not compromise the funcionality of your system. Up to 64 sensors and actuators can be installed in each system, what is enough for a common house.

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Free@home can controll the most common installations of a house: blinds, lights, heating and air conditioning and door communication can be automatized easily. You will save energy thanks to the lighting control of blinds, create the most appropriate scene for each situation with your lights or control who gets your home. One of the most amazing options is heating and air conditioning control. You will be able to regulate temperature regarding the use of your home and the time and day of the week. Furthermore, it will switch off the boiler when a window is openned to save energy.

We highly recommend to visit ABB website and learn more about free@home.

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