Freevolt. Electricity from air

Cameras, smartphones, beacons, smoke detectors, etc. The list of gadgets present in our homes is endless. And it keeps growing. Each of those devices needs to be plugged in. Or, at least, to be charged every week or every month. At the same time, we live in environments with a lot of devices that produce electromagnetic waves. Routers, mobile phones antennas, etc. Could we make use of those waves to supply our devices? Freevolt thinks so.


Freevolt. Making use of waves

The Internet of Things is increasing constantly. Plugging in a security camera or smoke detector is not always easy. Nor it is to change the battery. Freevolt looks like the awaited solution for these issues. Making use of electromagnetic waves, it promises to maintain our devices working.

Freevolt technology, patented by Drayson Technology, can be useful for wearables, beacons or sensors among other products. And how does it work? Well, there isn’t too much information available. Therefore, we think that testing some of its devices could be a better idea. CleanSpace is the first one. Let’s see something about it.

CleanSpace. The first unplugged device

Surprisingly, the first device that implements this technology is an air quality sensor. It really reminds very much to Tzoa, one of the gadgets that you can find in our air quality post. Nevertheless, the main difference is that CleanSpace doesn’t need to be charged. Making use of Freevolt technology, it will let you know the air quality around you all the day.

It is a simple tag that you can attach to your bag or bike for instance to measure the pollution around you. In combination with a smartphone app, you will know how your day has gone regarding the air you breath. CleanSpace is a social movement that wants to bring social awareness about air quality. It’s currently looking for crowdfunding. Don’t wait more and ask for your CleanSpace now!

We really encourage to visit Freevolt website and take a look at this amazing technology. Subscribe to their mailing list to keep up with the last news!

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